Spinal Traction And Decompression Therapy in South West Edmonton

Spinal Traction And Decompression

Are you experiencing severe neck or back pain?

You may have tried various medications/treatments to ease your pain, but it doesn’t seem to get better? Traction/spine decompression can help you

Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic offers a traction/spine decompression therapy program to those suffering from chronic neck or back pain. It is safe and non-invasive. A research study showed that about 92% of patients who participated in spinal decompression had relief to their problem before the end of the session.  If you are interested in knowing how this therapeutic care can aid your condition, contact us today!!! We will help you eradicate your pain in order to get back to your regular activities as soon as possible.

Tractionspinal Decompression Therapy Edmonton. Momentum Clinic In Edmonton Is Pleased To Offer Spinal Traction &Amp; Decompression Therapy For Those Who Having Chronic Neck Or Back Pain.

What is traction/spinal decompression?

Traction/Spinal decompression is non-invasive therapeutic care used to treat patients suffering from neck and back pain. It requires the use of a specially designed technological table connected to an advanced computer.  The tractive force produced by the setup causes the spine to decompress (unload), which improves the blood flow and helps ease the pain within the neck and back. Controlling the traction head provides a gentle stretch which helps to relax the spine, muscles, and capsule, making injured disc and soft tissue to be treated.

Conditions that can be treated with traction/spine decomposition therapy

Spine decomposition is specially designed to treat conditions that form compression within the vertebrae causing inflammation, pain, nerve compression, excessive pressure at the neck and back. These include;

  • Sciatica and prolonged low back pain
  • Worn spinal joints
  • Injured spinal nerves
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Cervical disc pain
  • Failed surgery
  • Bulging and protruding disc
  • Cervical and lumbar central stenosis
  • Pinched nerves
  • Scoliosis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Compression fracture
  • Cervical and lumbar facet syndrome

How can traction/spine decomposition therapy relieve my pain?

Traction/ spine decomposition is very effective for chronic neck and back pain. Research has shown that one of the leading causes of disability among Canadians below the age of 45 is neck and back pain, while it is the third leading cause for those above 45 years. Globally, it has been noticed that lots of people suffer from neck and back pain while alive.

The human spine is made up of dozens of bones stacked up one after another. There is a gel-like disc referred to as the intervertebral disc that helps to position and cushion these bones. Repetitive movement of the spine and poor posture causes the joint around the spine to degenerate, which often affects the intervertebral disc, causing neck and pain.

At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, we use this painless and non-surgical therapy technique by identifying the affected position before telling you to lay flat (face up) on a traction table. Your therapist will input the parameters into the computer; pressure in the spine is then relieved depending on the recommended duration.

Benefits of traction/spinal decompression

  • Decreases nerve pain
  • Improves mobility and motion range
  • Lowers muscle tension
  • Lessen the pain intensity

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We’ll help you to use natural and non-invasive methods to ease your pain and treat any underlying symptoms that may be affecting your comfort.

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