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Dance Rehabilitation

Dance Rehabilitation therapy in Edmonton is a treatment session that is designed for dancers either an athlete or artists. As a dancer, various extreme high human performances are frequently done to perform certain moves and motions. Along this process, you might be putting some parts of your body at risk for injury, pain, or other health and sports-related problems. Our Dance physical- Therapy Edmonton is highly beneficial for relief & wellness

Every dancer can be exposed to various injuries that require a well-trained specialist to address that problem. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, when you come for dance rehabilitation, your physiotherapist will assess your injury and know the cause of your injury. Irrespective of the type of dance, our goal is to identify patterns and types of injury, recommend a treatment plan, and educate you on how to prevent various types of injuries from reoccurring both sooner or later.

If you are a dancer or your child is a dancer suffering from pain while dancing, we can help you relieve that pain! Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to book an appointment. Our therapists are certified and well-trained in providing lasting solutions to any problem or discomfort they are experiencing.

Dance Rehabilitation Therapy in Edmonton

Here at our clinic, we focus on 3 major programs for dance rehabilitation. They are;

Dance screening

Dance screening is a specific type of biomechanical and movement assessment designed for dancers while on pre-sessions. The test is focused on the health and well-being of a dancer using physical and survey techniques. The importance of dance screening is to help dancers be effective and efficient during dance training, prevent injuries, set goals based on their capabilities, have a long dance career, as well as give a dance instructor a broad view of each dancer’s performance limits like their weakness and strength.

Dance Healing Therapy Edmonton can be highly beneficial. Before a dance screening is done, such a dancer is expected to be pain-free or injury-free. In addition, this assessment helps to guide and design training plans for a dance instructor

Dance-specific rehabilitation

This program is based on the use of certain movements often performed when dancing. Dance-specific rehabilitation is provided to patients who are already victims of dance injury. This treatment aims to identify what led to the injury and how to manage it from reoccurring. Furthermore, our dance injury physiotherapy Edmonton will come up with a perfect treatment program to help address your situation.

They will gather information about your normal routine and activities done at various dance training and performance. Based on every detail you provide and the assessment performed at our clinic, a suitable plan will be created using the best methods. Our dance injuries physiotherapy downtown Edmonton will fasten your recovery process in order to get you back on stage.

On-site treatment

We provide backstage or in-studio services for dance academies or events. This program aims to help address dance injuries immediately they occur and lessen dancers’ recovery time. We also have dance movement therapists to correct muscle damaging your movements while you dance.

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Dance rehabilitation in Edmonton is very important for dancers, dance instructors, and the dance Academy as a whole. The benefits of a dancer actively participating in dance rehabilitation increase their capabilities and performance when training or performing. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, let connect you with one of our specialists.

Our Dance performing arts clinic will help your address any dance problem with a quick and lasting solution today!

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