Massage Therapy Edmonton

Massage Therapy Edmonton

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What is Massage therapy?

Our Massage therapy Edmonton specialists uses touch and pressure on the body to manipulate soft tissue to loosen up and feel relaxed, especially after experiencing a very stressful moment. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to book an appointment with our orthopedist or sports physiotherapist.

Why massaging is good for your soft tissues and you?

Your body muscles comprise different small and thin fibers that function together to mobilize your muscle groups.

Massage Therapy St Albert

With therapy you can get numerous health benefits such as better blood flow, better lymph fluid flow and increased immunity. These can increase the potency of your body to be active and engage in more activities.

Your bones and these muscles are attached by a connective tissue known as tendons, allowing movement of your body parts. For better stability, your bones are connected with tough bands of connective tissues known as ligaments. These ligaments comprise another connective tissue known as fascia that covers it.

When these tissues are stimulated, this creates a positive reaction in our body that is so beneficial to our circulatory system and immune system. With the added benefits of our program ‘Massage Therapy Edmonton’ you can get all the above mentioned benefits and aid your body condition,

Massage therapy not only improves the physical well being, but also improves your mental wellbeing aiding in more benefits. This includes relaxed mind, better mood and a positive mindset. With all these you can not only live a peaceful life but a more fuller one too. So get benefitted from our massage therapy Edmonton.

The importance of soft tissues in your body provides stability and mobility at the joints and strength needed to do other activities. Even though soft tissues have many benefits to the body, they also limit you from extreme or harmful activities that can cause damage, such as athletic activity and stress from repeated daily activities. Massage therapy can assist in loosening and relaxing of your muscles and give the body a better condition to function well.

How can massage therapy improve my health condition?

Massage therapy is suitable for everybody, irrespective of their age. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our licensed orthopedist or sports physiotherapist may recommend a type of massage to boost your recovery. Some of them include;

  • Myofascial release: This type of massage helps to relieve pains believed to be caused by tightness and sensitivity in your myofascial tissues.
  • Deep tissue massage: this massage helps loosen up your muscles and their connective tissues
  • Swedish massage: This type of massage requires light stroke movement to relax the entire body’s muscles. It helps reduce swollen spots and allows proper blood flow.

All these massage therapies have a medical background that is deep rooted in our culture. The massage therapies have been used by Indians over thousands of years to cultivate health and emotional well being. Antient humans considered manual therapy as one of the pure way of cleansing human body.

Massage therapy in Edmonton is a greater way of cleansing our body which helps the body regulate the respiratory rate, lower heart rate, reduce physical stress impact, boost your immune system, and lots more so as to live a comfortable life and keep your muscles limber. With the cold weather it is good to get a massage therapy once in a while to improve our wellness.

To keep your soft tissues and body functioning properly, book an appointment today at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic for massage therapy. We will be happy to provide you with the best massage therapy sessions to improve your health.

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