Manual Therapy in Edmonton & St Albert

Want to relieve your pain using a non-invasive way?

Manual Therapy can do that for you!!!!

Manual therapy can safely and effectively relieve your pain and fasten your recovery process.

Most times, we get to meet lots of patients who come for their first physiotherapy session, believing that the recommended treatment plan will be painful, aching, or even uncomfortable because of their condition. In most cases, it isn’t true.

If you are experiencing pain due to injury, accident, illness, infection, or surgical procedure, manual therapy at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic can help you eradicate whatever pain you are experiencing. Also, if you are worried, we can help you calm your mind, using manual therapy techniques recommend for relieving your pain to improve your body’s function.

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What will a manual therapy treatment plan look like?

Manual therapy is strictly based on physical assessment outcomes and other related health conditions at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic. When you come for an appointment in our clinic, our specialists will diagnose you before recommending a treatment plan. Your special treatment plan will comprise different therapies so as to recover from any discomfort you are experiencing. Exercises will be introduced into your treatment plan to improve your strength and balance. Other recommended treatments will focus on making your motion range to be within the normal limits.

In some cases, we introduce manual therapy as a pain-relieving modality at the initial phases of your treatment.

Is there any side effect from manual therapy?

We can boldly tell you that manual therapy and other non-invasive therapeutic practices are 100% effective and efficient with zero side effects. Manual therapy does not require any medications that may be harmful to the body. At our clinic, your therapist will use different techniques to move your musculoskeletal system (tendons, joints, ligaments) in a way it will relieve your pain and engage your recovery process.

Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic Orthopedists, sports physiotherapists, and massage therapists are medically licensed and well experienced in handling body problems. They understand your body’s capability before, during, and after treatment.

Types of Manual Therapy

There are varieties of manual therapy techniques. Some are;

Soft Tissue Mobilization

This technique is prescribed to help manipulate the soft tissues in your body. It is achieved through rhythmic stretching and deep pressure. The importance of this treatment is to ensure heavily restricted spots in your body are found and mobilized.

Previously, soft tissue mobilization was thought to be responsible for breaking up scar tissue, adhesions, improved blood flow and circulation at affected soft tissues and muscles. But this has been discovered to be untrue. Moreover, we still don’t know why this particular therapy has so many benefits. We can only speculate that it uses some neurological mechanism to aid its processes.

Joint mobilization

Joint mobilization is used to relieve restricted joints that may have been sustained from an injury. When you are experiencing restricted joints, it is associated with intense pain. Our therapist makes use of low-velocity pressure to relieve limited joints. However, this process is safe, painless, and effective for improving mobility at the affected joint, motion range, and pain reduction.

Manual traction

Manual traction is performed by applying a gentle pulling force to stretch soft tissues, improve movement, and restore your body to its normal function. It is mostly used for the neck but can also be performed on other body parts like your leg, back, and arm.

Mobilization with Movement- Mulligan concept

Mulligan concept is a special type of manual therapy that uses the hands or recommended straps to gently mobilize the spine and peripheral joint. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, we employ this method to help patients alleviate pain or stiffness using specific guides.

Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic can relieve your pain through manual therapy.

If you feel pain or want to know how this type of therapy can be healthy for your body, contact our clinic to schedule an appointment with us today!

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