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Neck Pain Physiotherapy

Your neck is a vital part of your physical well-being and daily movement. Any slight pain in the neck can ruin your whole day. our Neck Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton treatment program can help you stimulate the neck region and eliminate or reduce pain according to the situation. Sometimes once neck pain is left untreated, the pain extends down to your shoulders, causing discomfort.

According to research from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association (CPA), about one-third of the population experiences neck pain yearly. The neck is always a major point of movement in our day-to-day life, especially at the workstation or when looking at something. Irrespective of what is causing your neck pain, you can get to live a  pain-free and comfortable life again through orthopedic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy.

Neck Pain Therapy St Albert

Every year, most people get relieved from neck pain using orthopedic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy prescribed treatment with less than 3%  requiring extensive treatment plans like surgery or cortisone injections. Book an appointment with our Neck Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton specialists and get the needed care to relieve your pain.

Neck Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton

The best method for treating neck pains are through orthopedic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy, especially when they are part of your active involvement in the treatment plan.  At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our licensed orthopedist and physiotherapist will perform a physical examination and evaluation to analyze the motion range at your neck and other possible limitations caused by your pain.


During your physical appointment, other medical health-related factors like previous medical history and symptoms you may have will be considered and combined when prescribing a special treatment plan for you.

Treatment plan

After a complete examination, a treatment plan will be recommended by your orthopedist or physiotherapy for you. The plan will focus on quick pain relief and treatment of other arising symptoms through therapeutic modalities like acupuncture, specific movement, manual techniques, and advice relating to your case. Try MSS Physiotherapy in Edmonton

While receiving treatment, your recovery is highly important. Therefore, your orthopedist or physiotherapist will create an elaborate plan that will help strengthen your neck, shoulder muscles, and upper back so as to adapt back to your comfortable life gradually.

After a full recovery, your therapist will provide a counseling session on how you can prevent neck pain, and strategies to use when experiencing a stiff neck before resulting in severe neck pain. You may be required to go for a regular check-up to monitor your physical baselines, exercise, or other movement strategies to keep your spine in its proper position during your day-to-day activities.

What can cause your neck pain?

Neck pain is multifactorial for humans Neck Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton can help you treat it. Sometimes it is caused by internal factors like trauma from an Accident, repetitive motions, injury, poor loading strategies, and external factors like stressful activities during sport. But by applying the best strategy helps you manage and avoid musculoskeletal pains like neck pain.

What to do when you have Neck pain

In some cases, underlying conditions like nerve compression, degenerative joint conditions and herniated discs can cause pain that may extend to the arm, shoulder blade,  hand, and shoulder referred to as radiculopathy pain. Also, you may have the degenerative disease due to aging, which causes dullness and pain in the lower neck. Whichever symptoms you are having, your physiotherapist will create a suitable treatment comprising movement and positioning training to help in quick recovery. Keep in mind that quite a large population of people experiencing these conditions does not feel any pain. So do not panic when experiencing large neck pains or difficulty try our neck pain physiotherapy Edmonton .

What are the other symptoms I should know about neck pain?

Through intense examination and evaluation, the cause of neck pain can be known. Some of the common symptoms include;

  • Headaches
  • Body weakness around the arm or hand
  • Numbness or tingling into the upper extremity
  • Stiffness of head and neck to rotate or bend properly.
  • Difficulty standing or sitting upright.

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Don’t let your neck pain limit your daily activities. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to schedule a meeting with one of our neck pain physiotherapy Edmonton physical therapists and get relieved from your pains today. We can assure you of a long-lasting solution to your neck pain.

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