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Knee Pain Physical Therapy In Edmonton

Knee pain can bring about various limitations, especially when you want to go about your daily routine. Most times, it happens when the knee feels stiff, painful, or weak to withhold the upper weight of your body. If you’re experiencing knee pain, we urge you to visit our orthopedic and sports physiotherapy clinic to know what’s causing the dilemma and eradicate it without any side effects. So book an appointment with Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to relieve your pain and keep you off the need for a harmful surgical correction or medication.

Knee Pain Physical Therapy In Edmonton &Amp; St Albert

How will orthopedic and physiotherapy care help you with your knee pain?

Orthopedic and physiotherapy treatment at our clinic can greatly help relieve your knee pain and strengthen the muscles and tissues. In some instances, your ankle, hip, and back can cause pain in your knees. Also, structural and tissue damages around your knees can cause knee pain. At our clinic, we can eliminate all your pain together and prevent you from undergoing harmful surgical correction and medication.

When you come for a physical examination and evaluation, your therapist will assess your posture, stance, gait, and range of motion. In addition, a special orthopedic test will be done to check for any structural damage. After you conclude the assessment, your physiotherapist will recommend a suitable treatment plan for you. The plan will focus on quick relief and treatment of other arising symptoms through therapeutic modalities like acupuncture, specific movement, manual techniques, and advice relating to your case.

Your recovery is our priority at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic; therefore, we will introduce other treatment plans and exercises depending on your condition. For instance, according to research, it has been demonstrated that patients who have patellofemoral stress syndrome (kneecap pain) tend to recover better with exercises that focus on making the knees and hips strong rather than just the knee alone. While recovering, you will begin with some sport-specific exercises before slowly re-exposing yourself to daily life routine and other activities again.

What should I know about my knee pain?

Your knees are made of a hinge joint capable of performing a one-direction movement (forward and backward). The knee acts more as a weight bearer compared to the hip. When you squat, the knee supports 6 times your body weight. Proper functioning of the knees allows both your knees and hips to do complicated movements and the ability to jump, dance, walk and run without any possibility of falling over.

According to research, about 25% of people living with knee pain source of origin may be the lower back. During your first physical appointment, it should be the first point of assessment. If the spine is cleared, your therapist will rule in or out other possible causes that may affect the joint, like degenerative disease or arthritis and meniscal tears, or soft tissues surrounding the joint like muscle strains, patella tendinitis, or iliotibial band friction syndrome,

What causes knee pain?

Any pain felt within the knees mostly occurs from the hinge joint or other underlying conditions of other body parts or joints. For your body to function properly, your knees, lower back, and hips must work together effectively because they are made up of weight-bearing joints and belong to the same kinetic chain.  Once a problem happens at your knee joint, back, or any part of the kinetic chains, it can easily affect your knee balance, resulting in pain.

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