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Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy

Shoulder pain can be caused by different reasons. It may occur when stretching to take something above your height or perhaps sleeping in the wrong position. Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton & St Albert can help you rehabilitate your shoulder muscles and return to regular activities. In some cases, it can occur due to an injury that exhibits symptoms like stiffness or dull aching pain.

This pain can sometimes be from a temporary discomfort of pulled muscles or bone-on-bone friction of arthritis which can be very painful. Irrespective of the amount of shoulder pain you may be experiencing,  our clinic is specialized in treating various degrees of pain with long-lasting solutions to ensure you get the comfort you deserve

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy In Edmonton & St Albert

Shoulder Pain Physiotherapy Edmonton & St Albert For shoulder pain

Shoulder, sports physiotherapy and massage therapy are effective solutions that can quickly and effectively relieve your shoulder pain without potentially harmful drugs or surgical correction.

At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, during your physical appointment, other medical health-related factors like previous medical history and symptoms you may have will be considered and combined when prescribing a special treatment plan for you.

During your physical appointment, a well-experienced movement expert trained in examining and evaluating pain will perform a series of diagnostic tests. This session will require the therapist to examine your neck and shoulder region to assess your motion range and posture and check for structural damage using special orthopedic tests.

After a complete examination, your orthopedist, physiotherapist, or massage therapist will recommend a treatment plan. The plan will focus on quick pain relief and treatment of other arising symptoms through therapeutic modalities like Acupuncture, specific movement, manual techniques, and advice relating to your case.

Once recovery is complete, you will be educated on some strategies and prevention techniques that can enhance your muscles and reduce the chances of shoulder problems sooner or later.

Common Conditions that cause Shoulder Pain

Different factors can cause pain in your shoulder because of the complexity of the joint structure. Common causes of shoulder pain are;

Rotator Cuff tear

This occurs when the rotator cuff is partially or completely torn due to aging, excessive stress, injury, or poor posture. The rotator cuff consists of 4 muscles, soft tissues, and tendons. The importance of the rotator cuff helps the shoulder joint move correctly along its rotational axis. When this condition happens, it may require orthopedic or physiotherapy care depending on the extent of the tear at the rotator cuff. In severe and rare cases, surgical correction is needed, with pre and post-surgical treatment plans such as massage therapy to fasten the recovery process.


Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two main forms of arthritis that can affect the shoulder. Osteoarthritis occurs when the cartilage at the joint experience several “wears and tears.” In some cases, it is mostly due to aging and excessive use of the shoulder. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when there is pain and inflammation due to the immune system attacking the membranes at the shoulder joint. It causes limited range of motion, body pain, and weakness in the shoulder muscles.

Frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is most common if you have been bedridden for a long period or when your arm is placed in a sling or cast for a more extended period due to injury. In most cases, patients experience loss or limited motion at the shoulder joint. According to research, women within the age gap of 40-60 years may experience this condition more than men. It is also known as adhesive capsulitis


Impingement is a naturally occurring shoulder pain that happens when your arm is over your head. Sometimes such movement can result in loss of motion range and pain.


Tendinitis occurs when the tendons are frequently overloaded, causing the tendons to become hypersensitive and inflamed. It is also referred to as tendinopathy.

Referral from your neck

The neck is directly connected to your shoulder, meaning problems from the neck can possibly affect your shoulder. In fact, an estimation of about 50% of shoulder pain source of origin is from your neck

How can I know if I have a rotator cuff tear?

If you participate in stressful activities like sport or labor work, the rotator cuff can become injured or torn due to overhead motions. Only in some cases, these tears at the rotator cuff can cause significant pain to you. A sports physio Edmonton can look into your problem and provide possible treatment to trigger relief.

When you have a rotator cuff injury, you will begin to feel arm weakness, pain especially when trying to reach behind your back, inability to sleep well, and a dull ache within your shoulder. At our clinic, therapeutic techniques can help eliminate your rotator cuff pain and aid your healing process.

You must know that rotator cuff injuries may require surgery depending on the extent of the tear in your shoulder. However, in some cases, orthopedic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy can provide a long-lasting solution when treating rotator cuff. For instance, in a case such as nontraumatic rotator cuff tears, research has shown that non-conservative treatment such as physiotherapy produces the same result, just like arthroscopic treatment and open surgical repair. So, it is best to use orthopedic, physiotherapy, and massage therapy when treating such conditions.

At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our specialist will perform a thorough physical examination and evaluation to discover the cause and current state of your rotator cuff. Then, a treatment plan will be recommended based on your medical report from the assessment.

What’s causing my shoulder pain?

The joint at the shoulder is a ball and socket joint. The upper arm bone (humerus)  fits perfectly in the space between the shoulder blade (scapula) and your shoulder joint. That’s why your shoulder has a wide range of motion freedom than any other joint in the body. And as a result of the shoulder’s complex musculoskeletal structure, there is a high tendency of having shoulder pain and discomfort.

Shoulder pain varies depending on the problem with your shoulder. Through proper examination, the exact cause of the pain can be known. For someone who may have a degenerative shoulder, when moving their arm in any direction, they tend to experience persistent ache together with pain at the shoulder. Also, acute injuries can lead to intense pain and limited movement at your shoulder.

Ready to start your shoulder physiotherapy treatment plan?

If you are experiencing shoulder pain, do not wait until it limits your physical ability. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to schedule an appointment with our orthopedist, physiotherapist, or massage therapist to perform proper therapy examinations and recommend a long-lasting solution. Our shoulder pain physiotherapy Edmonton program has helped many people around Edmonton to return to their activities with treatment, so get yours soon if you are in need.

We can assure you of a comfortable life sooner than later once you begin your treatment plan.

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