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Are you suffering from whiplash, or were you recently diagnosed with whiplash?

Whichever your case may be, Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic can help you out using therapeutic regimens.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash may occur when the muscles and ligaments in your neck are injured due to a sudden and uncontrollable movement of the head, majorly in a back-and-forth motion. Injuries other than whiplash may also be called “neck sprains” or “neck strains,” though.

Whiplash injury to the head and neck is caused by a sudden, exaggerated backward, forward, and sometimes sideways thrust of the head. As the head moves beyond physiological limits, abnormal forces are applied to muscles, ligaments, nerves, bones, intervertebral discs, blood vessels, and eyes. As a result, developing pain and affecting your overall lifestyle.

What Are the Symptoms and Signs of Whiplash?

Whiplash symptoms may not appear for a day or two after the initial accident, so it is critical to monitor your symptoms and keep an eye out for any of the following after being in a car accident or other similar incident:

  • Neck stiffness and pain
  • Difficulty in moving head and neck
  • Neck range of motion decrease
  • Headaches that usually begin at the base of the skull
  • Dizziness
  • Immobility of a joint
  • Tiredness

How Does Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic Treat Whiplash?

Our whiplash treatment aims to:

  • Control pain
  • Restore your neck’s normal range of motion.
  • Return to your regular activities.

The severity of your whiplash injury will determine your treatment plan. Some people require only over-the-counter medications and home care. However, we strictly provide patients with non-invasive personalized therapeutic treatment in order to address their needs.

Other approaches we use include;


Our therapist will most likely advise you to perform stretching and movement exercises at home. These exercises can help you regain the range of motion in your neck and resume your normal activities. Take a warm shower or massage the painful area with moist heat before working out.

Foam collars

The neck and head were frequently kept still after a whiplash injury using soft foam cervical collars. On the other hand, keeping the neck still for long periods has been shown in studies to reduce muscle strength and interfere with recovery.
Therefore, your physiotherapist can advise you on how to use the collar correctly and for how long. However, recommendations for using a collar differ. Some experts recommend limiting use to 72 hours, while others say it’s worn for up to three hours per day for a few weeks. Still, using a collar to limit movement may help reduce pain and help you sleep the night after your injury.

Rehabilitation therapy

If you are experiencing ongoing whiplash pain or require assistance with range-of-motion exercises, opting for physical/rehabilitation therapy can address your condition. Physical therapy can help you feel better while also potentially preventing further injury. Our physical therapist will lead you through exercises that will help you strengthen your muscles, improve your posture, and regain normal movement.
Each person will require a different amount of physical therapy sessions. Additionally, our physical therapist can design an at-home workout program specifically for you.

How Can I Treat Whiplash?

You can get rid of this condition quickly by meeting with a physiotherapist at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy. We can assist you in recovering from your whiplash with the aid of skilled and qualified physiotherapists, who will develop an effective treatment plan to manage your whiplash and relieve neck discomfort, whether you reside in Edmonton or a nearby community. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to make an appointment with a professional if you are experiencing neck or whiplash pain. They will help you manage your discomfort and accelerate your recovery.

Are you Ready To Live Pain-Free?


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30 Min Massages --------- $65.00

45 Min Massages --------- $95.00

60 Min Massages --------- $125.00

75 Min Massages --------- $150.00

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120 Min Massages --------- $210.00

MLD Packages --------- $690.00

(6 Sessions of 60 Minutes MLD Massages)

MVA(Motor Vehicle Accident) MASSAGES

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