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Physical Therapy St Albert

Do you want to look healthy and smart? Momentum Physical therapy at Edmonton can help you out!!!

We acknowledge the importance of a strong, healthy, and physically fit body in order to live an active lifestyle. We know that almost everyone living in Edmonton or anywhere in Canada will love to achieve that.

Good news! Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinics can help you achieve an active lifestyle and optimal function.

So, whether you are around Edmonton or think you can benefit massively from physiotherapy care, schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. Our orthopedists and sports physiotherapy can help you look healthier, fit, and stronger.

What is physical therapy all about?

Physical therapy is a form of therapeutic care focused on helping patients alleviate pain, strengthen their muscles, and improve overall health.

A physical therapy treatment consists of three major phases, strengthening, pain relief, and functional integration.

Some patients assume physical therapy is painful and may get hurt along the process. When you arrive at the momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, our well-trained therapist will make physiotherapy in Edmonton for you less painful and enjoyable.

We understand the importance of movement in order to live your life to the fullest. Your physiotherapist will use a personalized treatment plan to address your needs. This plan will improve flexibility, strength, mobility, balance, and overall health. In addition, specific exercises will be selected for both in-clinic sessions and at home. This helps keep a patient’s recovery process on the right track.

How can I benefit from physical therapy?

Whether you are suffering from acute pain from injury or had surgery and want to get proper recovery care. Perhaps experiencing little joint discomfort, physical therapy can help relieve pain and provide maximum comfort to patients.

Irrespective of your condition, momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic physiotherapist can help you achieve that better life you deserve. Our physical therapists are trained, movement specialists. They will help you identify your mobility issues with running, standing, stretching, bending, jumping, and other forms of physical activities.

So, if you are looking for physical therapy in Edmonton, in that case, we can assist you in knowing the root of your pain before developing a personalized treatment plan to help improve your targeted needs.

What to expect from a physical therapy treatment at momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic

When you arrive at our clinic, our physiotherapist will conduct an assessment to identify your own needs. Patients are known to have similar conditions, but what may work for a particular person may not work for another individual.

Therefore, our physiotherapist will cooperate with you to ensure that your balance, range of motion, mobility improve, and pain are alleviated. Before you commence a treatment session, your treatment plan will be developed based on your health history, physical goals, and other health factors related to your condition.

Certain basic movements such as stretching, walking, standing up, sitting, and other therapeutic exercises will be introduced. As treatment progress, your treatment plan can be subjected to re-modification to ensure pain is relieved and goals are achieved.

Register for physical therapy treatment in St. Albert today!!!

Living a healthy and active lifestyle is possible, whether suffering from acute or chronic pain. Physical therapy is specially designed to help improve patient strength, wellbeing, health, and ability to perform different activities without any hindrance.

If you would love to benefit from a physiotherapy regimen in Edmonton, do not hesitate to contact Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic immediately. Our physical therapist will be willing to help you down the right path to achieve complete recovery as fast as possible.

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