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Registered Physiotherapist


Registered Physiotherapist - PT, BPT

  • Prabu has received his Bachelor of Physiotherapy from Chennai India.
  • With over 14 years of experience, he specializes his practice in manual therapy, enabling functional movements, and incorporating updated treatment techniques in motor vehicle & work-related injuries.
  • His skill set includes elaborate knowledge in treating post-stroke patients, restoring balance in neuro-conditions, rehabilitating post-surgical repairs and joint replacements.
  • His forte is designing a user-friendly treatment plans for his patients.
  • His interest extends to working with all age groups and focusing on treating the cause of the ailment and not just managing symptoms.
  • Being actively involved in team sports like basketball, soccer & endurance athletics he has a deep knowledge in treating sports-related injuries.
  • His hobbies are long drives and reading to keep updated with the latest treatment approaches.