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Sports Physiotherapy

You don’t have to be a pro athlete before to know how to avoid certain injuries Sports Injury Physiotherapy Edmonton can help you to do so. Sports injuries can occur either during training, playing games, or anywhere while performing sporting activities. However, this injury can cause pain of varying degrees depending on the type of injury sustained. Whatever your case may be, orthopedic, sports physiotherapy and Massage therapies can help you find a solution to your pain. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic today to know how we can help your condition and begin your recovery journey.

How can I sustain sports injuries?

Oftentimes, most people misinterpret the definition of sports injuries. Lots believe that it is when a footballer gets hurt during a tackle. However, sports injuries are beyond that. It is a type of injury that occurs when performing any athletic activity such as running on a field track with an ill-fitted shoe, lifting heavyweight at the gym, swinging a bat in any improper position, or getting kicked mistakenly during a football match.

sports injuries physiotherapy In Edmonton & St Albert

Sports Injury Physiotherapy Edmonton

In most cases, it is very highly advisable to treat sports injuries immediately it happens. Delaying the treatment process might lead to more pain and extensive damage at the affected spot. If you got a sports injury, contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to examine your condition and recommend a treatment plan that will help you get back on your feet. Your treatment plan depends on your condition, health history, and other related health factors.

Common types of Sports injuries

Sports injuries can be caused by various factors that can lead to different injuries while performing athletic activities. Some of the common injuries include;


A sprain occurs when your ligament is stretched beyond its regular limits. It is most common during field activities. Once you experience a sprain, it is more likely to reoccur again. Sports Injury Physiotherapy Edmonton can help you to get away from your situations and lead a peaceful life.

Strain (pulled muscle)

This is so similar to a sprain. A strain occurs when your tendons or muscles are stretched beyond their required limits.

Knee injuries

The most complex joint in the body is located at the knee. For most athletes, this part is frequently injured during athletic activities. Knee injuries can cause dull aches that run from your hip to your knee, limited motion range at the knee, or severe tears such as ACL tears which usually require Intensive rehabilitation and, in some cases, surgical correction.

Shin splints

Shin splint is also referred to as medial tibial stress syndrome. It occurs when the shinbone and the connective tissue are stressed, which causes pain to be felt at the shin. When you have shin splints, you often feel weak and restricted due to the pain. Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy and massage therapy can help you recover by warming up before exercise or strenuous activities, wearing better footwear, and strengthening your core and leg muscles. We provide sports physiotherapy Edmonton to cure Shin Splints.

How do we treat sports injuries?

At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our well-trained orthopedist, sports physiotherapist, and massage therapist will perform a thorough examination before recommending a proper treatment that best addresses your problem. Your treatment plan will comprise stretching, manual therapy, and strengthening exercises. The importance of each treatment is to reduce scar tissue, improve balance and mobility, improve motion range, and aid your recovery process. Our physiotherapy Edmonton south West has a clinic that can rehabilitate your sports injuries.

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