Athletic Physical Therapy in St Albert

Athletic Physiotherapy St Albert

Athletic physical therapy in Edmonton is our health care profession that helps prevent, recognize, manage, relieve, and care for different types of musculoskeletal (ligaments, muscles, joints) injuries. Athletic therapy care cuts across athletes to people engaging in several activities like regular routines and other sporting activities.

Who is an athletic therapist?

An athletic therapist is a licensed healthcare expert who provides needed assessment and treatment to athletes suffering from different forms of musculoskeletal injuries, which can either be acute, chronic, or extremely severe.

Athletic Physiotherapy St Albert

They use their knowledge and skills of quick thinking to provide on-field emergency care and use a combination of manual therapy, sport-specific training, and therapeutic exercises, to alleviate pains, fasten recovery from injuries, and improve a client’s overall performance.

How will Athletic Therapy Help Me?

If you are suffering from pains or injuries that delay your recovery and return to sports or other regular activities you constantly engage in, athlete therapy can help you create a plan to curtail your problems or conditions. It is suitable and effective for both children and adults of all ages. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our recommended athletic treatment plan focuses on tackling the origin of a patient’s pain or injury using evidence-based practices like combining joint mobilization and rehabilitation, exercises, therapeutic modalities, and taping bracing to ensure full recovery.  Furthermore, gestures and movements will be examined as well as task-specific strengthening,  functional exercise, or balanced will be recommended depending on your condition and specific sports activities.

For athletes who want to improve their specific and overall performance, the Athletic Sports Physiotherapy Edmonton is a solid ground to grow yourself in the awareness of body anatomy specialists. Not just your performance, your health, flexibility, injuries can also be curtailed and provided relief from pain, stress and aches.

What are the benefits of on-site/field therapy?

  • Facilitate safe return to participate
  • Provides immediate assessment of the condition
  • On-site therapy offers first aid and BLS
  • Availability of medical/emergency coverage
  • Provides bracing and prophylactic taping
  • Recognition and management of various degrees of injury
  • Recognition and management of concussions

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