The Importance Of Choosing And Wearing The Correct Shoes During Athletic Activity

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Good footwear provides maximum comforts and improved athletic activity.

Performing exercises or any sporting activities requires good and proper shoes. Whether as an athlete or weekend warrior, keeping your body at a high fitness level is essential and in order to achieve this, wearing the correct shoes is a must.

When you perform activities like gyming, running, walking, squatting, or any other type, you are vulnerable to injuries without the correct shoe, which can negatively impact your weight or fitness training.

Investing and wearing the correct shoe can help you avoid possible damages that can affect your foot, ankle, and other parts of your body. To ensure you make your workout session more pleasant and worthy, knowing the type of athletic shoe best for you and the kind of activities you want to use them for is necessary. At momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, we can help you identify and educate you on the best and most suitable shoes for your athletic activity.

Benefits of wearing weightlifting shoes while performing an exercise.

As a non-professional and weekend athlete, you may feel there is no need to wear a weightlifting shoe while doing exercises like squatting. For most, they may even prefer to wear shoes with less heel lift so that novices can concentrate on proper form. Weightlifting shoe is beneficial for powerlifters or strength athletes because it helps maintain form during competition, training, or heavy lifting.

Having a proper form when performing squats lowers your chances of sustaining injury. According to a study conducted, it suggested that weightlifting shoes promote better form and also prevent injury. So, irrespective of your level in sport, whether as a novice, amateur, or professional, you can benefit extensively from wearing weightlifting shoes while doing squats or other related activities that exact more pressure on the foot.

How can a proper weightlifting shoe assist me?

A published study conducted by three researchers from the University of Northern Colorado observed the differences when physically and medically college-aged males performed repetitions of squats at 60% of their maximum ability. Each participant randomly used both different weightlifting shoes and running shoes. Other areas of concentration during the study include trunk displacement, range of motion (ROM), and ankle flexion.

For trunk displacement, it was noticed that weightlifting shoes produce less truck displacement compared to running shoes. Therefore, most athletes tend to experience less forward lean during the exercise and also redirect the energy upward. Researchers then concluded that this resulted from the low-stress impact on the lower back.

For peak ankle flexion, it was discovered that weightlifting shoes generated a variation in ankle flexion. This was because of the lifted position of the heel present in weightlifting shoes.

Finally, it was concluded that it was much easier for participants to maintain proper squat form during the excuses with the hips and thighs closer to vertical and less forward lean. In addition, the knees had slight movement over the toes, lowering hip flexion and promoting a better form of the participant.

According to participants from the study, they initially thought it would be easier doing squats in the weightlifting shoes rather than in the running shoes. However, it wasn’t like that due to the less stress on the lower back and other factors such as mental conditioning.

What’s the variation between weightlifting shoes and running shoes?

Weightlifting shoes seem to be a more preferred choice than running shoes among most people. A wide range of weightlifting shoes has lateral stability with a less flexible midsole. While running shoe has a cushion. Running shoes absorb the energy generated, whereas weightlifting shoes redirect energy generated during exercises and movement.

Both shoes vary differently in terms of cushioning, shape, and construction. Due to their differences, it is assumed that weightlifting, running, and other pairs of shoes will produce different results when worn and used.

Scientific studies can prove the kinematic differences that will occur when wearing various types of shoes.

Major reason why you should invest and wear the correct athletic shoe

  1. Boost athletic performance
  2. Lowers risk of injuries
  3. Enhances recovery support
  4. Promotes better comfort
  5. Keeps your feet healthy.

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