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Did you get injured at work? Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy can provide a perfect treatment plan to relieve your pain!

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Work Injuries Physical Therapy

The Work Injuries Physical Therapy Edmonton is a program designed specially for On-site injured workers. If you are a work injury victim and have filed an injury claim through the workplace safety and Insurance Board(WSIB), in that case,  Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic can provide you with Work Injuries Physical Therapy Edmonton to ease your pain.

When work injuries happen, it can cause physical, mental, and monetary problems, especially if you are uncertain of how long the recovery process might take. To avoid putting yourself into worry and more pain, contact our clinic to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to examine your condition and start a treatment plan.

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How Work Injuries Physical Therapy Edmonton will cure my work injury?

Over the years, Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy have been very effective in treating patients with work injuries and other related cases of all ages. It is not only effective but efficient in providing quick recovery for patients.

At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our orthopedist, sports physiotherapist, and massage therapist use advanced treatment methods to provide solutions to pain, fasten recovery, enhance mobility, and improve the overall health condition of a patient.

If you undergo a treatment plan at our clinic, your therapist will perform the necessary assessment and create a special treatment plan that can effectively eliminate your pain. Also, it will consist of various sessions to improve your performance while at work so as to avoid the reoccurrence of injury.

Common injuries experienced at work

Several factors can cause various types of work injuries. Some of the most occurring injuries include the following;

Back pain

Back pain is very common at work. Various factors or activities at work can cause it. An extended period of inactivity, such as sitting at a desk throughout working hours, can cause back pain. Also, back pain can happen when lots of force impacts your back due to the frequent lifting of heavy objects at work.


Tendinitis occurs when the tendons become inflamed and hypersensitive due to excessive overloading on them. When such a condition happens, a patient experiences symptoms like pain, tenderness, and swelling around the body. However, it mostly affects the shoulder, elbows, and knees. Through orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy, it can be corrected.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Canal tunnel helps to protect the median nerve located in your wrist and tendons used to bend your fingers. When the median nerve gets compressed, the tunnel becomes strangled. It is associated with varieties of symptoms like pain in the wrist and hand, swelling in the fingers and hands, numbness and tingling in the thumb, 1st, and 2nd fingers,

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) occurs due to injury or repetitive job-related use such as keyboard-heavy work, driving of heavy-duty machines, or assembly-line work. When a patient is discovered to have this syndrome, a special therapy session is designed, which may include stretching and light exercises to strengthen muscles at the wrist and hand.

Auto Accidents

If work in an automobile company or the nature of your job requires the use of a vehicle, there is always a high risk of automobile accident injury. Work-related auto accident injuries can range from mild cuts and abrasions to severe and critical cases like fractures and whiplash. Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy and massage therapy can assist in helping you recover from pain and inflammation in an automobile accident and improve your motion range.

Sprains and strains

This usually affects musculoskeletal systems such as ligaments and tendons. It can be developed from trauma like falling from a high spot or repetitive motions. Also, improper handling of machinery or equipment can result in sprains and strains. Through Work Injuries Physical Therapy Edmonton at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, injured muscles, ligaments, and tendon inciting pain and dysfunction can be treated effectively. We also use trigger point physical therapy in Edmonton to cure your sprains and strains.

Get treated from work injury quickly!

If you are suffering from a work injury, Work Injuries Physical Therapy Edmonton can help you recover as fast as possible. The processes and techniques used are natural, quick, and 100% effective, with no side effects after treatment.

Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic today to schedule an appointment and start a treatment plan to fasten your recovery process. We’ll collaborate with your WSIB nurse to ensure you get the required care to get you back on track.

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60min Massages --------- $95.00

45 Min Massages --------- $80.00

60 Min Massages --------- $125.00

75 Min Massages --------- $115.00

90 Min Massages --------- $135.00


30 Min Massages --------- $65.00

45 Min Massages --------- $95.00

60 Min Massages --------- $125.00

75 Min Massages --------- $150.00

90 Min Massages --------- $180.00

120 Min Massages --------- $210.00

MLD Packages --------- $690.00

(6 Sessions of 60 Minutes MLD Massages)

MVA(Motor Vehicle Accident) MASSAGES

MVA Massage ------------- $110

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