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Are you finding it difficult to eat or open your mouth?

Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy can help relieve your pain.

Improve your mobility with therapeutic exercise

Therapeutic exercise is suitable for both children and adults. It is a care that helps relieve pain and restore essential functions in the body such as flexibility, stability, strength, and endurance.

Research has shown that performing therapeutic exercises under the supervision of a well-trained physiotherapist helps eradicate pain quickly. If you feel any pain, contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to meet with a specialist and know more about how therapeutic exercise may benefit you.

Benefits of therapeutic exercise

The essence of exercise sessions is to help improve your overall health conditions so as to live a comfortable life. Each exercise implemented is focused on relieving your pain and increasing your recovery rate. However, it can also be used to prevent reoccurring of injuries or disabilities when performing various tasks

There are several benefits of therapeutic exercise, and each one is focused on achieving a particular purpose. These include;

Posture exercises

Sitting or standing for a long time can lead to injury or pain. Most times, we do not know that a prolonged posture can negatively affect our muscles, balance, stability, and in some cases, can result in injury. Through posture exercise, it helps to lessen the possibility of having pains when doing your regular activities. In addition, it can be used to alleviate pain for those suffering from posture problems.

Motion Range exercise

Motion range exercises are used to improve mobility at the joints and soft tissues. This can be achieved through some recommended active, passive, or assisted activities designed to alleviate pain.

Area-specific exercises

Areas specific exercises focus on breathing and circulation to fasten recovery, reduce stress and improve the blood flow in the body. This exercise also helps to alter any imbalance around the joints and muscles.

Coordination & Balance Exercises

The muscular and skeletal systems work together to provide proper stability whenever you want to perform any activity. When you want to cook, run, stand, sit, walk, or go about your regular activities, your coordination and balance are always tested. If you find it difficult to do regular activities, your balance and coordination ability may have been affected. In order to be capable of doing everyday activities, coordination and balance exercises are fundamental, most especially after an accident, disease, or injury, you might experience loss of balance and coordination. Through this type of exercise, you can regain your lose ability at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic.

Muscle performance exercise

Do you know that enhancing your muscular endurance, power, and strength can positively affect your mental and social health? Apart from improving you physically, research has also shown that strengthening exercise like muscle performance exercise is more effective in lowering the possibility of injury than stretching.

Begin your relief treatment with therapeutic exercise

Most people always think that exercise only has to do with improving your muscles and physical appearance. But exercise goes beyond muscular improvement. If you feel pain or want to live a pain-free lifestyle with better endurance and strength, contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to book an appointment with one of our specialists.

Our physiotherapists are well experienced and trained in mobility techniques, strengthening improvement, and overall body functions. They will examine you and recommend a treatment plan that addresses pain, weaknesses, and overall body function.

Come to us and learn more about therapeutic exercise and how we can use it to improve your overall condition.

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