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Sports Physiotherapy

Sports physiotherapy is therapeutic care provided to victims of sports injuries. No matter the type of sport you do, you can get injured when necessary precautions are not followed. These injuries can often be minor or severe, which can further cause varying degrees of pain to your body.

If you are suffering from sports injuries or pains, kindly contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic. Let one of our sports physiotherapists examine and design a treatment plan for you. This treatment will be focused on your recovery and overall health condition

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Who is a sports physiotherapist?

A sports physiotherapist is also regarded as a physiotherapist. The only difference between a sports physiotherapist and a regular physiotherapist is that a sports physiotherapist has been awarded a diploma in sports physiotherapy from sports physiotherapy Canada ( a branch of the Canadian physiotherapy association).

A sports physiotherapist has been trained in various techniques to care for beginners, amateur, or professional athletes. During this program, the SPC syllable provides them with different experiences and educates them with courses such as protective equipment, exercise prescription, concussion management, athletic taping, and emergency care response. These courses and on-field experience/ mentorship program with professional and experienced sports physiotherapists broaden their knowledge and improve their skills.

A statistical report conducted in Canada shows that about 350 physiotherapists have been awarded the certificate level in sports physiotherapy. At the same time, almost more than 250 physiotherapists have earned the Diploma in sports physiotherapy.

Due to the training received, physiotherapists can help athletes recover from any sports injury safely and effectively. Before achieving the diploma certificate, some of the training done by physiotherapists requires 1600 hours of on-field care cutting across various sports. During this process, strict supervision is provided by Sports physiotherapy Canada to ensure each candidate is capable of handling various types of injuries in different sports.

In addition, a certified sports physiotherapist has orthopedic knowledge and other treatment techniques acquired at diploma training. They understand the biomechanics of sports, patterns of injuries, and factors that occur lead to injury. This makes them a vital resource to athletes and sports.

Areas sports physiotherapy is relevant to an athlete;

  • Overuse injuries
  • Sprains and strains
  • Aches and pains from sport activity
  • Returning to activity after surgery (e.g., ACL repair or rotator cuff surgery)
  • Educating them on prevention and risk management
  • Concussion prevention, assessment, and recovery
  • Performance ability
  • Physical and overall balance before returning to sport.

Why is sports physiotherapist important?

As an athlete or a team owner, having a sports physiotherapy session can greatly benefit your overall health. A sports physiotherapist is trained in functional return to sports training, sports massage, exercise physiology, concussion evaluation and management, and athletic taping. These skills and their on-field experience can help strengthen the medical support system of your team.

What else should I know about sport physiotherapy?

A trainer is someone who provides a variety of additional support services to a team. A trainer can be a sports physiotherapy diploma or certificate holder, physiotherapist, orthopedist, or athletic therapist. In some cases, they can be just a first-aid certificate holder without any formal medical training in sport. That is why we urge you to know the qualification and experience of a medical support staff before engaging them in service. If you want to perform further research, you can visit the provincial college and SPC website to know whether a physiotherapist is licensed and certified.

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