Physical Therapy- A Safe and Natural Alternative to Painkilling Drugs

Physical Therapy A Safe And Natural Alternative To Painkilling Drugs

Say goodbye to short-term and long-term pain through physical therapy

Pain is a natural symptom that acts as an indicator in the body. It notifies the body of underlying conditions that you may not know about but is a threat to your overall health. It can cause various limitations to one’s lifestyle, either physically, emotionally, or mentally. When we experience pain, performing and managing our day-to-day activities becomes very difficult and as a result, finding a solution becomes one’s primary motive.

Many people opt for medication such as painkilling drugs to ease their pain. These drugs help relieve your pain by providing a short-term relief rather than a long-term relief you desire. However, one of the safest and best ways to treat pain is through a natural alternative, PHYSICAL THERAPY.

If you need a promising and long-term solution to ease your pain, physical therapy at momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic can help you achieve that using a natural and non-invasive approach. Painkilling drugs can be dangerous in some cases and might not help you prevent the long-term outcome of a chronic condition.

Physiotherapy care- a safe and natural alternative to painkilling drugs, has been scientifically studied to provide patients with long-term relief. To know more about this natural alternative and enjoy its long-lasting benefits, you can contact us right away to book a schedule with one of our physiotherapists, orthopedists, or massage therapists in Edmonton today!!!

The difference between acute and chronic pain

Acute pain is generally easy to treat. When a person is experiencing acute pain, they tend to feel slight discomfort. In some cases, this form of pain does not create any significant limitation and can quickly be managed. Acute pain easily and gradually fades away once healing takes place.

Chronic pain is a complex and prolonged form of pain. It occurs when the pain has lasted for three months and above before the exact cause is identified and treated effectively. Various conditions can cause chronic pain.  Some of the common causes of this form of pain include;

  • Chronic overuse injuries– such as plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Degenerative joint problems– such as osteoarthritis
  • Chronic pain syndromes– such as fibromyalgia
  • Inconsistent use of the body parts– prolonged unfrequent use of specific body parts as a result of lengthy recovery can result in frozen or stiffness.
  • Internal scar tissue buildup– such as developing and limiting surrounding muscles and connective tissues function.
  • General muscle weakness– this is due to unbalance body or poor posture, which results in spasms or knots around the affected region of the body.

Many modern drugs help provide short-term relief during the start of treatment. However, modern drugs are not the best solution if you want to live comfortably for a longer time. Taking a painkiller drug lowers the pain intensity present in the body while the exact and underlying cause remains undefeated/untreated. As a result, the pain continues to persist. So, if you are thinking of taking painkiller drugs whenever you are suffering from pain, you are very much likely to live an endless cycle of drug consumption and lasting pain.  In addition, frequent consumption of such drugs can have harmful and addictive effects on one’s health in the long run. This is because one’s tolerance for such drugs develops, leading to a strong desire to use more and more as the pain continues.

What is the safe and natural alternative to ease my pain?

According to research published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), alternative pain treatment is actually more effective than pharmaceutical pain treatment, and in most cases, they even do a better job at controlling pain.

Physiotherapy is an effective, safe, and natural alternative to treat both short-term and long-term pain. During a physical therapy session, your pain will be diagnosed to know the root of the problem before a personalized treatment plan will be designed to treat it in order to improve the affected part’s function and decrease pain.

Different techniques can be adopted to treat pain. For instance, when you meet with our physical therapists, they may recommend a passive therapeutic technique to address your immediate pain before other natural treatments are used. Some of the natural treatment techniques that can be included in your treatment include;

  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Deep tissue massage
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Ice and heat therapy

Once signs of improvement from passive treatment become noticeable, your physiotherapist will remodify your treatment plan to active treatment. This will comprise stretching and exercises to address pain and other micro problems. Some exercises like core training exercise may be introduced to relieve neurological symptoms or severe strain on the body. Active treatment such as stretching helps to improve mobility in arthritic joints and lowers tension in muscles.

Meet with a pain specialist today!!!!

At momentum spine and sports physiotherapy, we have trained and certified physiotherapists, orthopedists, and massage therapists, who have experience and knowledge in relieving any form of pain that may be disturbing your comfort.

We believe in the use of safe and natural therapeutic techniques in treating pain rather than the use of drugs, which may negatively affect one’s health or provide short-term relief.

If you would like to make further inquiries on how natural treatment can help relieve your pain, contact us to book an appointment with one of our physiotherapists, orthopedists, or massage therapists now!!!!


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