Do you wake up feeling achy? Try these 3-morning strategies.

Do You Wake Up Feeling Achy Try These 3 Morning Strategies

Waking up in the morning to an unexpected condition such as pain, stiffness, or muscle tightness around your back, joints, neck, or other parts can be very annoying and traumatic.

 These conditions can negatively impact your entire day while getting up out of bed in the morning.

However, irrespective of the pain, stiffness, or achy discovered when waking up in the morning, physical therapy can help you address them effectively using proven and approved therapeutic methods. At momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, we can help you ensure your day goes as planned without any form of limitation. If you would like to benefit from our trusted and cost-friendly health care services, contact us to request an appointment.

Top 3 effective morning strategies to help ease pain and stiffness

Following an easy and simple morning strategy daily can save you from experiencing a worse day. These strategies help place your body in a proper and better condition. In addition, they help lower pain intensity alongside consistent physiotherapy care. The top 3-morning strategy to continually ensure you start the day right are;

  1. Hydrate

Do you know that when you sleep at night, your body gets dehydrated due to no water intake for 6-8 hours?  So, drinking a full glass cup of water immediately after waking up in the morning helps rehydrate your body. Early morning consumption of water has a lot of benefits. These include

  • Supports weight reduction
  • Lubricates your joints
  • Lower the possibility of headaches
  • Improve your skin condition
  • Improve your mental alertness
  • Improve healthy brain function
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Help enhances your immune system.

Therefore, avoid early morning consumption of flavour drinks or even coffee. Coffee dehydrates the body, while water rehydrates the body. So, begin your day with water.

  1. Avoid prolong stretching

Many of us who have visited either a physiotherapist, orthopedist, chiropractor, or massage therapist may have been told that stretching is highly beneficial to the body. So, many of us try to perform big or prolonged stretches once we wake up in the morning so as to stay healthy. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem right and can worsen our whole day.

The majority of us fail to understand the basis behind stretching, and some specialists fail to educate patients on the don’ts of stretching. It is important you know that;

  • Never exercise when you’re dehydrated- that is why taking water in the morning is essential
  • Do not stretch without warming up- warming up, such as taking a little walk or jogging around or on the spot.

Stretching on the bed or putting up your arms above your head for short duration should not cause panic. In this case, we’re considering longer duration stretching like leaning through a door-frame type of stretches, pulling your neck to a specific position, or intentionally bending forward.

  1. Taking a walk

Walking has a lot of healthy benefits. Taking a walk before commencing your day-to-day activities in the morning helps release endorphins and other natural pain-relieving chemicals. Also, it promotes a natural lubricating process across your joints.

Some of the additional benefits of walking include;

  • Improves brain and mental health
  • Creates time for personal meditation and reasoning
  • Boost your energy and activeness level
  • Support weight control
  • Lowers stress and tension
  • Enhances your immune system

Walking is a great form of early morning warm-up before engaging yourself with other activities.

Consult a physical therapist for your morning stiffness and pain.

Meeting with our certified and trained physiotherapist, orthopedist, and massage therapist can help you put a final end to your morning pain and discomfort sooner rather than later. At momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinics, we focus on using a personalized treatment approach to identify and treat pains and other related conditions.

You simply do not have to begin your daily life with pain or stiffness or manage your condition independently. We can help you to reshape your health into a better one.  If you would love to get educated and introduced to effective physical therapy strategies and pain management techniques to make your day a smooth one, contact us to book an appointment with our practitioner.


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