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Orthopedic and Sports Physiotherapy Care Can Make Life Easier.

Our Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy clinic has become a great remedy to various degrees of pain. The care focuses on recovery from acute and chronic pain to give a patient a better and healthy life.

Different factors cause pain, but Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic can provide the needed care. After giving the required care, you can use your feet for your day-to-day activity once again.

Visit our clinic to book an appointment with a licensed Orthopedist or physiotherapist, and know more about our services.

What are the benefits of orthopedic, physiotherapy, and massage treatment for foot pain?

Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy in St Albert

You can either be suffering from an underlying condition, chronic or acute injury in your foot. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our ON orthopedist or physiotherapist will conduct an intense medical assessment to determine what is causing the pain. After that, we will plan a personalized therapy session that will treat the pain in your foot.

Your treatment plan will be designed to ensure quick pain relief and treatment of other arising symptoms by applying therapeutic Exercises, acupuncture, specific movement, manual techniques, and advice relating to your pain.

Completing the treatment, your recovery is highly important. Therefore, your orthopedist or physiotherapist will create an elaborate plan that will help strengthen the muscles and the bone at your foot, gradual use of the feet for your daily activity, and addition of further proprioception exercises so as to live a comfortable life.

Common causes of foot pain

Different factors usually cause pain. Foot pain occurs due to underlying conditions or acute and chronic injury. Some of these common causes include;

Fallen arches

Fallen arches occur when several tendons at the foot do not pull together to form a perfect arch. It is also referred to as a flat foot or fallen arch. Previously, we thought that a flat foot was a significant cause of pain and discomfort. But over time, we discovered that most athletes and runners have flat feet, which do not affect them. If you have pain in this area, we recommend checking out improper loading strategies as a solution.


Bursitis occurs when the foot tendons rub against anti-friction sacs or “bursae,” it brings discomfort and sometimes irritates you.

Sprains and Strains

When the muscle or tendon is stretched beyond its limit, it causes strain. While a sprain happens when a ligament is torn or extended beyond its limit.

Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of a thick band of connective tissue around the bottom of your foot. It is mainly caused by constant standing, being overweight, wearing footwear without inadequate support.


Tendinitis occurs when the tendons are frequently overloaded, causing the tendons to become hypersensitive and inflamed. It is also referred to as tendinopathy.


Arthritis is also called joint inflammation. Arthritis is an inflammatory or degenerative condition of one or more joints. It is associated with joint pain and stiffness. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the most occurring form of arthritis, which causes cartilage and disease to the foot joints.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

Tarsal tunnel syndrome occurs when a compression at the posterior tibial nerve (tarsal tunnel) causes inflammation along the nerves that run through the ankle and foot.


Fractures occur when the bone comes in contact with an excessive force. The bone will have cracks or breaks. Fractures at the foot usually require weeks of treatments so as to heal properly.

Lower back problem

Roughly 30% of foot pain is caused as a result of lower back problems. It can either occur alone or together with few extremity symptoms.

Why is foot pain a threat?

Your foot is a complex mechanical structure consisting of approximately 24 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 musculoskeletal systems that work together with other structures to attain an optimal level. Due to the complex structure of the foot, pain at this part of the body can be unpleasant.

Foot injury can cause severe pain and discomfort, making you reduce the weight down on your injured foot. You are left with just two options; finding it hard to go about your daily routine or hopping around while prone to injury with your other foot. A small degree of pain can affect your everyday life much more than you expect. Our Orthopedic physiotherapy Edmonton physiotherapists will analyze your foot and find any abnormalities if it is present and treat with massage and stretches, try us.

How do you find a lasting solution to relieve foot pain?

If you know anyone or loved ones suffering from foot pain, you can direct them to our physical therapy program. Our orthopedic physiotherapy Edmonton Treatment can cause various beneficial health effects to your body, so try us.

Our treatment plan comprises different stages of care, examination, exercises, and revaluation to ensure the musculoskeletal system becomes pain-free and prevents future risks of a foot injury.

Our Orthopedic And Sports Physical Therapy Clinic

Don’t let your foot hinder your daily life because everyone deserves to run and walk without pain. Our orthopedic & sports physical therapy clinic will assist you in healing and achieving that comfort and mobility.

Kindly contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physical Therapy Clinic today to book your appointment. Or you can simply type physical therapy near me and get our help. We will be happy to design a relief treatment plan for you. If you are suffering from ortho pains orthopedic physiotherapy Edmonton can help you rehabilitate.

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