Neurological Physiotherapy St Albert


Orthopedic and sports physiotherapy can help restore any neurological disorder

Neurological Physiotherapy

If you are suffering from any neurological condition, there is a high chance of experiencing a turbulent moment in your life. You are likely to experience low life quality, difficulty in mobility, and decreased productivity.

However, here at Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, we have the best neurological physiotherapists and orthopedists in Edmonton. We will help you address any neurological disorders using approved therapeutic techniques. Your current condition will be examined before designing a treatment plan tailored to your need. This plan will help you regain most functions and mobility.

Neurological Physiotherapy St Albert

Whether you live in Edmonton or any of its surrounding communities and need a neurological specialist, do not hesitate to contact Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic ASAP!!!

What exactly is neurological physiotherapy?

Neurological physiotherapy is a special type of therapeutic care administered to individuals suffering from neurological conditions related to the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral nerves. It requires assessing and treating nerves around the brain and body.

When patients have neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or ALS, they begin to experience difficulties with normal physical functions, including mobility, flexibility, balance, and muscle strength.

What does a neurological physiotherapist do?

Here at, Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, our neurological physiotherapy session is designed to help improve patients’ body functions using a non-invasive, natural, and safe therapeutic approach. We focus on your symptoms and conditions while delivering this service to you. Our neurological physiotherapy goal is to;

  • Achieve Maximum potential
  • Reduce physical deterioration
  • Rehabilitate the entire body system
  • Aid the development of kids with neurological disorders
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Increase independence
  • Eradicate pain
  • Improve posture

Common conditions that can be treated through neurological physiotherapy

Different factors can cause neurological disorders in a patient. These can further affect comfort, muscle coordination, and in severe cases, can lead to difficulty functioning independently.

Some of the common neurological disorders include;


Stroke is a prevalent cause of disability in adults. When a patient is suffering from this condition, we can help lower the side effect of stroke by creating a suitable individualized plan to improve walking and balance. This may also require the use of assistive devices to help achieve the desired relief.

Parkinson’s Disease

This neurological disorder affects the brain nerve cells. When a patient has Parkinson’s disease, they may notice symptoms such as uncontrollable facial expressions, slurred speech, and extreme tremors.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, you are likely to have Parkinson’s disease. At Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, we can help you eliminate these symptoms or neurological conditions. We will identify the cause of your Parkinson’s disease before proceeding to develop a treatment plan that will improve your strength and mobility as well as address other issues like freezing, irregular gait, and dystonia relating to that conditions.

Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis is a neurological condition that can be treated using a physiotherapy approach. This condition affects the brain and spinal cord region. When patients have multiple sclerosis, they begin to experience symptoms like fatigue, pressure, and exhaustion. In severe cases, it can affect a wide range of body functions.

If you’re suffering from this neurological disorder, Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic can help you lessen the effect and improve your overall health function. Our goal is to ensure patients who have multiple sclerosis achieve as much comfort as possible while performing regular activities. You will be recommended specific exercises, stretches, and assistive devices to improve your movement, stability, balance, and eradicate muscle spasms.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a progressive neurological disease that mostly affects the legs, hands, and other extremities before getting to other body parts. When a patient is suffering from ALS, he/she will first encounter difficulties with walking due to loss of balance. Then, muscle weakness or cramps sets to become noticeable around the hands and legs. At an advanced stage of ALS, such a patient is likely to experience challenges to use their extremities, breath, swallow, and speak.

Currently, there is no approved treatment for ALS. But with our experienced team of physiotherapists, we can help protect function and reduce the further effects as long as possible. Also, we will lower the possibility of falling and injuries and introduce ALS patients to supportive equipment like walkers, braces, and wheelchairs depending on their current condition.

Contact Us today for your neurological treatment?

Neurological physiotherapy can help you achieve a better and more comfortable life if you are suffering from neurological disorders. Whether you are having challenges with your mobility, stability, balance, or feeling pains around your legs, hands, or other body parts, we can help alleviate such pain as well as improve your overall health function.

Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic team comprises licensed and experienced neurological physiotherapists and orthopedists who will collaborate closely with you to ensure you get the best and most effective treatment to improve your condition and fasten your recovery process.

If you live in Edmonton or its surrounding communities, and you need a neurological physiotherapist near you or think you can benefit from this form of therapeutic care, kindly contact us immediately to schedule an appointment with one of our neurological physiotherapists. They will help you identify the cause of your condition, design a personalized treatment plan, make recommendations to improve your health and help you attain your goals.

Meet with us and achieve a proper neurological condition as soon as possible.

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