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Find Relief to Your Knee Pain and Move Freely Using a Therapeutic Approach

Do you feel any form of pain, stiffness, or weakness around your knee? Well, you don’t have to panic or get bothered about your condition. At Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, we provide knee pain physiotherapy to those patients experiencing knee problems.

Knee pain can be a debilitating condition and can limit one from being capable of carrying out their regular day-to-day activities as usual. If you notice any sign of pain or discomfort around your knees or any part of your body, we can help you identify the exact cause and contributing factor of the body. Therefore, contact Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic to book an appointment and begin the necessary rehabilitation you need to live a comfortable and painless lifestyle.

All You Need to Know About Your Knee

The knee is made of a weight-bearing joint known as a hinge joint. The joint allows the knee to perform forward and backward directional motion. In addition, it also gives maximum support to the hip whenever more weight is placed on the body. However, when your knee and hip are in proper condition, this gives you the ability to perform complicated movements while dancing, running, walking, or standing.

Despite how important the knee is to one’s daily activities and lifestyle, we have discovered that about 25% of patients suffer from knee pain due to lower back problems as its origin. Therefore, screening the lower back and the spine by a therapist will help them determine the exact cause of your problem.

What Can Cause My Knee Pain?

Knee pain can be multifactorial. Due to this, knee pain can be caused by joint issues as well as other contributing/underlying factors from other parts of the body. For instance, if you experience any discomfort along your kinetic chain, which consists of weight-bearing joints in your hips, ankles, lower back, and knees, your body will experience an abnormal force; as a result, the pain will spread across the chain. Therefore, in order to prevent knee pain, all your weight-bearing joints must function together to ensure the body achieves an optimal state.

How Will Knee Physiotherapy Relieve My Knee Pain?

At Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy clinic, our knee pain physiotherapy is designed to help eliminate knee pain and improve the strength of the musculoskeletal structure of the knee using natural and physical regimens. When you come for this treatment, your therapist will examine your knee to know the exact problem. They will assess your range of motion, posture, stance, and gait using different orthopedic tests to spot any possible structure damage that might be the cause. However, in most cases, many patients with this condition often have underlying problems at their hip, back, or ankle, which tends to affect the knee negatively.

After completing your overall assessment, your therapist will develop a personalized treatment that will be focused on helping you achieve quick and proper relief from pain, discomfort, and any contributing/ underlying factors. Your plan will include acupuncture, specific physical activities, and other therapeutic modalities. Once you get better, your physiotherapist will modify your treatment to strengthen your knee and speed up your recovery.

According to research conducted it was discovered that individuals who suffer from kneecap pain, known as patellofemoral stress syndrome, often recover quickly with the use of strengthening exercises for both their knees and hips. Therefore, if you have knee problems of any form and would love to return as soon as possible to the activities you love the most or cherish or for any reason, we can gradually expose you to your normal routine.

Book an Appointment With Us Today!

If you would like to say goodbye to your knee pain, contact Momentum spine and sports physiotherapy to book an appointment, get examined, and begin your relief journey as soon as possible. You will be happy you made this choice.

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30 Min Massages --------- $65.00

45 Min Massages --------- $80.00

60 Min Massages --------- $100.00

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30 Min Massages --------- $65.00

45 Min Massages --------- $95.00

60 Min Massages --------- $125.00

75 Min Massages --------- $150.00

90 Min Massages --------- $180.00

120 Min Massages --------- $210.00

MLD Packages --------- $690.00

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MVA(Motor Vehicle Accident) MASSAGES

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Follow up Treatment ------------- $90.00

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Follow up Treatment ----------- $80.00

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