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Dance Injury Physiotherapy

Lots of dancers and athletes often engage in activities that frequently put their bodies at a high risk, which could cause injury and severe pain. Dancers, artistic athletes must be able to balance extreme motion ranges together with muscular strength and endurance. But the stress and repetition of practicing and performing can have a negative effect on your body.

Dance Injury Physiotherapy St Albert

When evaluating and treating dance injury, our orthopedist and sports physiotherapist do not only focus on the injury but also make you aware and understand the cause of the injury. Also, they will identify possible patterns that indicate a pending injury and explain possible instances that could cause injuries. So, it will be in your best interest to take proper precautions to avoid potential injury.

As a dancer, your body is an asset because you rely on it to practice various skills. But due to constant stress and repetition of practice, your body is at greater risk for injury. Multiple activities cannot be avoided to ensure your body reaches a wide range of motion and maintain the strength of your muscles and endurance. We have orthopedists, sports physiotherapists, and massage therapists who are well-trained in handling different dance injuries and recommending long-lasting treatment plans to help you recover. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to book an appointment with Us today!!!

How do we treat your dance injury?

Dance treatment at our clinic is performed in line with the best standards and practices of therapy. We carry out a series of tests and evaluations at our clinic before creating a special treatment plan to help a patient recover quickly. During your appointment at our clinic, your physiotherapist will recommend a treatment plan and identify what led to the injury and pain. We focus on giving you the comfort you deserve by eliminating pains and healing your injury through sessions designated for you.

We understand the importance of day-to-day practice and performance as a dancer, and that’s why every treatment given is added with some dance-specific exercise to make you physically and mentally fit and get you back on stage as soon as possible. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our ultimate goal is to see you comfortable and back to your regular routine or activities by helping you perform at a pain-free and optimal level.

When you undergo dance treatment with us, some of the techniques used include;

  • Strength and conditioning program
  • Dancer Screener
  • Manual therapy as well as soft tissues and joint modifications
  • Pointe readiness assessments
  • On-site treatment
  • Modifications to dance parties and load management for the presumption
  • Alignment examination.

Dancer Screening

Screening is vital for dancers before any pain or injury happens. It helps dancers prevent injuries, set goals, be effective and efficient during training, and prolong their dancing career. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our sports physiotherapist will perform a complete biomechanical and movement assessment of a dancer’s health and physical wellbeing before a dancing session using survey and physical teats. Each dancer’s assessment will help the dance instructor know the capabilities of every of their dancers and how to enhance their strengths and weaknesses.

We will be pleased to perform a dance screening test for your dancers at our clinic or your studio.

Pointe Readiness Assessments

Pointe Readiness assessment helps to assess a dancer’s ability to initiate pointe training. Our orthopedist and sports physiotherapist will be using strength, balance, and biomechanical testing to perform this assessment.

On-site Treatment

Having one of our therapists backstage or in the studio during training or any event helps reduce casuality and offer immediate treatment for an injury. This helps protect dancers’ health and fastens the recovery process.

If you have a dance academy or perhaps a dancer or dance instructor, you can contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic to learn more on how orthopedic and sports physiotherapy can be beneficial to dancing.

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