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Cupping Therapy

Are you aware that cupping has been existing for centuries?

The cupping technique was used mainly by the ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and middle-eastern cultures. So, don’t be surprised! As a matter of fact, lots of countries have adopted these techniques over the past few decades.

Cupping is done through the use of a cup to create a suction on the skin. This ancient form of therapy helps relieve pain, improve blood flow, ease inflammation, and promote relaxation.

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Cupping Therapy St Albert

What does a cupping technique look like?

Cupping is a safe process with no side effects during and after treatment. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, a specialized cupping-massage therapist will begin the treatment process by putting a flammable substance like herbs or alcohol into the cup before setting it on fire. Immediately the fire reduces, the cup is positioned upside down on the affected skin. As the temperature in the cup begins to cool, a vacuum is formed, which makes the skin rise and blood vessels enlarge.

In advanced practice, rubber pumps are used to create a vacuum instead of fire. In some cases, silicone cups are likewise used to make massage effects. Both advanced and ancient methods are safe with the same outcome.

What is the benefit of cupping?

Cupping can also be referred to as a tissue distraction release technique. When you receive cupping therapy care, the cups are placed on different parts of your body. This helps to lift and separate tissues. Cupping works by improving the connection between your skin, fascia, and musculoskeletal system. When you opt for cupping, it enhances local circulation and lymphatic flow, relaxes muscles, releases scar tissue adhesion and trigger points,

Research evidence has proved that cupping is an effective treatment for various conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic neck pain, and lower back pain.

Form of cupping techniques

Cupping techniques exist in three forms; longitudinal, circular, and crossbar. However, the longitudinal form is mostly adopted. It is performed by gliding the cup longitudinally across muscle fibers.

How do I know cupping will work?

Previously, cupping effectiveness was based on certain facts. But now, some science theories have supported it. It was concluded that the suction within the cup provides negative pressure, which increases blood flow and hydration to body tissues, eliminates excess fluids, and reduces adhesions. However, the process is safe and can be modified depending on your condition.

You must know that cupping is unsuitable for specific conditions like infections, active inflammation, wounded skin, or burns. Although, when taking this manual therapy, you might have a bruise on your skin, which can take one to two weeks to heal. But it would be best if you weren’t bothered because bruises heal up by themselves.

Would you love to add cupping to your treatment sessions?

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