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Concussion Management Therapy

Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic is a certified and licensed Complete Concussion Management™ (CCMI) clinic. Our team comprises professional and experienced orthopedists, sports physiotherapists, and massage therapists focused on learning updated and best techniques for concussions.

Globally, every professional and amateur athlete has focused on concussions. Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic has invested lots of resources to become a top care provider for concussion diagnosis, concussion management, and concussion rehabilitation. At our clinic, we use an updated certified approach to treat athletes who need concussions care.

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What is a Concussion?

A concussion is an imbalance in neurological functioning which significantly affects the head or other parts of the body. When it happens, the body begins to experience biochemical imbalance within brain cells,  temporary energy deficit in the brain, and insufficient blood flow. Patients suffering from concussions usually have symptoms like headaches, imbalance and dizziness, neck pain, and cognitive problems. In addition, things like noise, light, or a busy environment affect them and can worsen their current state.

The newly approved method is “Recognize, Remove, Rest, Rehab.”  

When an athlete is discovered or suspected of having a concussion, it is highly advisable to withdraw that athlete from training and other engaging activities to have a proper examination before recommending a resting period of a few days to recover from deficit energy. A concussion is very common with children, adolescents, young adults, and recreational sports without on-site trained medical responders.

In situations like non-sport concussions, withdrawing from regular activities and embarking on a rest period is required. Requesting for a trained CCMI specialist at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic within 24-48 hours to perform an assessment is essential in order to confirm if a concussion has occurred or not.

What is Red Flag Concussion Symptoms?

Usually, a red flag signifies danger or high alert. In concussion, the red flag signifies no more serious injuries present such as brain swelling or bleeding. Immediately red flags have been identified; emergency care should be gotten from the nearest clinic.

Red Flags or Danger Signs According to the Centre for Disease Control Atlanta, GA, USA.

Danger Signs and Symptoms for Adults

Adults with a concussion might experience dangerous blood clotting in the brain, which may crowd the brain against the skull. When this occurs, such person experiences;

  • Frequent vomiting or nausea
  • Slurred speech
  • Weakness, numbness, or poor coordination
  • Severe and constant headache

If you have someone who is experiencing these signs below or you are suffering from these below signs, we urge you to visit an emergency department as soon as possible;

  • Unusual behavior
  • Convulsion or seizures
  • Cognitive problem (difficulty in remembering people or places)
  • Lose consciousness (if this happens, immediate medical attention is required)
  • The difference in the size of the pupil
  • Looks very drowsy or cannot be awakened
  • Feeling more restless, agitated, or confused

Danger Signs and Symptoms for Children With a Concussion

We would advise you to ensure your child seek emergency medical attention if they;

  • Received a blow, bump, or jolt to the head or other part of the body.
  • Experience any of the danger signs for adults
  • Will not nurse or eat
  • cry continuously and cannot be console

If no red flag is detected, taking a rest at home for one or two days is the best medicine. Research has shown that physical and mental activities for the next 1-3 days after a concussion can delay recovery. When you arrive at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic for concussion care, a certified CCMI practitioner will perform a series of assessments to gather information about your current conditions, balance, eye movement, coordination, and memory.

Also, a patient suffering from a concussion may experience an energy deficit in the brain due to an injury. According to scientific research, once the brain is at a low energy level, it becomes highly vulnerable to minor trauma, creating high chances of a second and more devastating concussion. This new concussion can lead to severe brain injuries. It is always highly advisable to follow the recommendations and precautions given by your certified CCMI specialist at Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic.

What is the duration of concussion recovery time?

There is no specific time for concussion recovery. You may quickly get relieved from symptoms or feel better within a few days after a concussion, but that does not mean you are completely fit or your brain has recovered fully. The only way to know when you are fully fit or no longer on a vulnerable period is that your certified CCMI will perform the necessary test to know if your brain is functioning properly.

This post-injury assessment is a multi-modal process. Memory, concentration, strength, eye movement, balance, and proprioception are all checked to be impaired after a concussion. A computer-based neurocognitive test may be done for individuals who participate in high-risk sports like football or who have completed a baseline test.

At our clinic, 80-90% of patients recover from concussions in less than a month and, in some cases, within two weeks. Although, younger athletes tend to take more time to recover.  Kindly know that concussion recovery time differs in various people.

If a patient does not recover within the expected time frame, our certified CCMI specialist will refer them for further evaluations and consultations to address any underlying conditions.

New method in Concussion Management

Previously, concussed individuals were usually advised to embark on a resting period till all symptoms leave. For some patients, it only became worst with new symptoms emerging. A report from International Consensus stated that “too much rest may extend symptoms.” Presently, after 24-48 hours of rest, patients are urged to perform activities such as cognitive tasks or light exercise that would improve their conditions.

Researchers have discovered that resting for more than 5-7 days may not have any positive impact, as concluded before. A study by Ottawa researchers has shown that children taking short rest followed by light activities after about seven days of resting did better than children who rested for a more extended period, with more likelihood of continuous symptoms.  Another group of scientists from buffalo has also shown that patients who engage in exercise at 3-4 weeks help their recovery process. Some of the reasons supporting this conclusion include maintained fitness, enhanced brain circulation, gradual adaptation to regular activities, and social connections.

How can I get help for a concussion?

If you or anyone are experiencing any of the above-stated symptoms, kindly contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic immediately. Our CCMI specialists will perform an intense assessment and then design a plan to help you recover sharply.

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