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Are you battling With Chronic Pain? Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy can provide a solution to your pain.

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Chronic Pain Physiotherapy Management

Are you feeling uncomfortable due to chronic pain? Our orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy techniques can help you eliminate this pain. Chronic pain Physiotherapy Edmonton is a program designed specifically for people who have long term pains, we use multiple physiotherapy tactics for each of your individual needs.

Pain exists in different forms, which can continue for days, weeks, months, and sometimes years, depending on what’s causing the problem. When pain felt continues for more than three months or more, it is referred to as chronic pain. It can be caused by  various number of causes.

Chronic Pain Physiotherapy St Albert

At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, when a patient has chronic pain, a treatment plan that is designed to help relieve that pain as fast as possible. Physiotherapy can help you live your life comfortably. If you live with any pain that persists for more than a day, we urge you to contact our clinic immediately to schedule an appointment and begin your treatment.

Difference Between Acute And Chronic Pain

Acute pain and chronic pain are different types of pain. When pain felt disappears on its own after a few hours, days, or weeks, it is referred to as Acute pain. But when pain and discomfort felt persist for a longer period (three months and above), it is referred to as Chronic pain.

Both types of pain can affect your life in ways like dependence on prescribed drugs, movement difficulties, depression, and anxiety. In rare cases, death. However, these can be eradicated using orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy techniques.

How can orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy eliminate chronic pain?

Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy and massage therapy are the safest ways to eradicate chronic pain without any side effects. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, our specialists are experts in handling chronic pains or other related conditions that may be a threat to your health and comfort.

When treating a patient, our orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy movement experts aim to discover the cause of the pain and design a proper treatment plan that will fasten your recovery rather than recommending medication based on symptoms only.

Chronic Pain Physiotherapy St Albert

At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, we conduct a series of evaluations to analyze other causes like underlying conditions that might be affecting you or causing chronic pain. We check out your limited range of motion and any imbalance.

Our physiotherapist will design a treatment plan that will provide a long-lasting solution to your problem based on the whole assessment. Your treatment plan will include in-clinic treatments and others like at-home program, pain relieving modalities like acupuncture, special manual therapy techniques, and exercise to improve your health and eliminate pain. Every recommended treatment is strictly based on your complete assessment.

What Could Cause My Chronic Pain?

In most cases, chronic pain is caused by biopsychosocial origin. When chronic injury, anxiety, illness, and depression happen, it affects your neurological system to constantly be on high alert. Joint pain, back pain, headaches, and nerve pain, can result in chronic pain.  However, it often happens as a result of one of these;


Accidents are unpredictable events that can happen anywhere, such as office, production facility, or even your home. According to research, about 21% of people who experience automobile accidents tend to develop chronic pain after the accident. Also, about 2.9 out of every 100 employees fall victims of chronic pains in a working environment after an accident.  This pain can only be eradicated through proper treatment from a well-trained orthopedist, physiotherapist, and massage therapist. When you seek help from one of our specialists, a long-lasting solution (treatment plan) will be recommended.


There are health cases that require surgical treatment to correct structural problems. In a case that involves surgery, recovery is very paramount after having it. But sometimes recovery may be associated with discomfort, which can cause lots of pain to the body. However, surgical pain might affect your movement as compensation for it.

When the pain is not treated and movement is not corrected within weeks, months, or even years, it often increases pain after surgery. At Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide post-surgical rehabilitation services to help patients recover quickly, eliminate pain, and lower the possibilities of chronic pain sooner or later.


Some diseases like fibromyalgia, shingles, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy as a result of diabetes, arthritis, and more can cause chronic pain. However, this pain can be eliminated through orthopedic, sports physiotherapy, and massage therapy at our clinic.

Overuse Injuries

Overuse injuries are injuries that frequently happen in any part of the body due to our daily activities. They usually occur to overuse part of the body when doing day-to-day activities. For instance, walking, standing, and exercising can all take a toll on your body. If safety precautions are not taken from time to time, it can lead to frequent accidents. Chronic pain physiotherapy Edmonton can help you to stay away from injuries by balancing your muscle, bone and joints.

This can severely affect your joint and musculoskeletal system, causing lots of pain (chronic pain) when left untreated for a long time. Orthopedic, sports physiotherapy and massage therapy can help you learn how to properly position your body during daily routines so as to avoid frequent injuries.

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