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Balance And Gait Disorder Therapy

Neurological or underlying musculoskeletal disorders can cause balance and gait disorders. If you are feeling unsteady, finding yourself using a supportive method to reach a short distance, or experiencing pains in your knee, hip, or other joints which is affecting the way you do walk, there’s a high tendency you are already suffering from a balance or gait disorder. But Good news!! These problems can be corrected, and pain can be eradicated with orthopedic and sports physiotherapy care.

We know that these disorders can affect you physically and mentally due to various reasons, and that’s why we urge you to contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic today to schedule an appointment with one of the most dedicated specialists to know how you can regain your balance and begin a recovery treatment plan.

Balance & Gait Disorder Therapy St Albert

What is balance and gait disorder?

Balance and gait disorders are very similar but have slight differences. A balance disorder is a condition that affects one’s physical and mental wellbeing. When this occurs, your brain imagines that you are moving when you are not. Changes to your joint mobility, stability, and ability to sense your joint position, can affect your imbalance. While gait disorder affects your movement when walking or running. If suffering from gait disorder, some might find it difficult to stand upright.

Balance and gait disorders can both affect your positional awareness and the way you walk and run. According to research, aging can cause gait disorder, and 20% of elderly people who fall suddenly while standing or walking suffer from it. Contact Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic. to book an appointment with our movement expert to know the root of your problem and begin a treatment plan ASAP!!!!!

Sports Physiotherapy and Balance or gait disorder

Sports physiotherapy has been effective and efficient when treating patients with balance or gait disorders.

When you come for an appointment in our clinic, our professional physiotherapist will perform a physical assessment to analyze your gait, stance, balance, symptoms, and medical history before designing a special treatment plan that can correct your balance or gait disorder.  When developing your treatment plan, it may include;

Gail retraining exercises

This is a special type of exercise session where a patient learns certain techniques to correct abnormalities in gait.

Vestibular rehabilitation

This treatment plan helps improve your muscles, vision, nerves, and the entire vestibular system to achieve the balance you deserve. In case you are suffering from BPPV, we can help you move the calcium debris to the proper position in your ear using specific exercises.


To enhance your flexibility and motion range, stretching is needed. Stretching helps to give you more control and quicker reactions to your movements and limits your risk of injury. It strengthens your muscle to be stiff and tight.

Strengthening exercises

The importance of strengthening exercises is to improve and build up your muscles to aid your movement and limit the likelihood of injury. It is left to your physiotherapist to determine the exact type that will be suitable for your condition.

What can cause balance or gait disorder?

Several factors can cause balance and gait disorders. Even, as a matter of fact, this problem can also be caused by various underlying conditions. Balance disorder mostly affects the vestibular system (a collection of fluid-filled chambers and sensory nerves) located in the inner ear and thousands of nerve receptors in every joint in your body. The vestibular system is responsible for proprioception (sense of position).

Some of the condition that affects the vestibular which may cause balance disorder include;

Neurological issues

This includes conditions like brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, or stroke. Once the neurological system is affected, it may also affect your balance.

Injury or ailment

Injury, disease, or ailment causing muscle weakness can affect your balance. Your brain and the nervous system might even be functioning, but when any of these occurs, you can become unsteady, finding it challenging to stay upright as usual

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)

When the calcium debris in your inner ear breaks off or changes position, it can affect your balance.

Regain Your Balance Today!!

If you are suffering from a balance or gait disorder, call or e-mail Momentum Spine and Sports Physiotherapy Clinic today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists. We’ll help you regain your balance quickly.

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